Let's Talk About a Great School Year

School starts in a few weeks (wow!), and this school year promises to start with a truly extraordinary array of challenges. Between COVID-19 and the incredible racial injustices finally being exposed across the nation, each family member faces daunting questions and concerns:

  • Will I be able to get work done with everyone home?
  • I'm scared to discuss the racial injustices with some of my friends.

Family Rhythm Failures

About 10 years ago, we started establishing family rhythms and I remember some of the disasters of our early attempts.

Angie and I decided we’d have a planning meeting on Tuesday evenings at 7pm (or something like that). We were so excited because we were going to get our act together and bring some order. Soon we’d be getting things done toward our mission, like nobody’s business!

So we finished dinner, got the dishes cleaned up and by 7pm, I was deep into a house project that was too hard to stop.

Re-Tooling for a

School-from-Home Year

About 13 years ago, Angie and I were seeing a therapist. Life was hard, and working in a high-intensity environment that’s always asking for more time and more energy, challenges your marriage, parenting, and life in general.

Our brilliant therapist, suggested we try car-camping as a way to disconnect from the world and just be with each other.

The Value of Rhythms

As a family, we’ve lived two different eras. There was the era before rhythms and now there’s the era after rhythms. Rhythms are one of the most powerful, most practical tools given to us by God to shape and transform us.

In our family, the introduction of rhythms marked the start of our journey to intentionality.

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