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Rich Theil

School starts in a few weeks (wow!), and this school year promises to start with a truly extraordinary array of challenges. Between COVID-19 and the incredible racial injustices finally being exposed across the nation, each family member faces daunting questions and concerns:

  • Will I be able to get work done with everyone home?
  • I'm scared to discuss the racial injustices with some of my friends.
  • What if someone in my class gets COVID?
  • If I go to school, will I have to wear a mask all the time?
  • I'm angry about the racial injustices. How do I handle it?
  • Can I hug my friends? Can we high-five?
  • I'm afraid to share what I really feel about justice.
  • I'm mad that my extracurriculars are cancelled!
  • I'm frustrated being at home!
  • ...the list goes on.

These questions overwhelm adults, so I can only imagine what kids are experiencing right now. As parents we need to discover the list of questions floating around our kids' heads so we can coach them and so they know we have their back.

To help you, we assembled a simple guide: 6 Steps to a Better Back-to-School Conversation. The guide helps you have a family conversation about the new school year so you understand what each person feels and what challenges stress them out.

You don't have to fix all of those challenges (often, challenges are meant to train us and it's no different for kids). But you do need to coach them through the challenges. The first step to doing that well is being aware of the challenges.

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