The Value of Rhythms

Rich Theil

As a family, we’ve lived two different eras. There was the era before rhythms and now there’s the era after rhythms. Rhythms are one of the most powerful, most practical tools given to us by God to shape and transform us.

In our family, the introduction of rhythms marked the start of our journey to intentionality.

Prior to rhythms, the concept of leading in the home was super-confusing to me. I was supposed to lead (that much was clear), but what did it actually mean to lead? That was confusing.

Prior to rhythms, our family headed in 5 different directions. After rhythms, we were all running in the same direction.

Prior to rhythms, we were individuals. After rhythms, we were a team.

At this point in our lives, anything that’s worth doing repeatedly gets a rhythm of some kind. We work on Unbound Life on a rhythm. A rhythm is a truly powerful way to bring order to the world, specifically, your little corner of the world.

Of course there’s more to it than rhythms, but they’re a great place to start, so let’s dive a little deeper here.

For those new to the concept, rhythms are the anchors of time you put into your week. For our family, it includes things like:

  • Sabbath day of rest
  • FAN: Family Activity Night
  • Couples Planning Meeting
  • Family Planning Meeting
  • 1:1’s with each kid
  • Etc.

When we nail our rhythms, our family thrives. But when we miss them, something breaks. For example, if we miss the couples planning meeting, Angie and I have different expectations about what the week we inevitably end up in a fight about those differing expectations. 

That stinks.

Our family is made weaker when we’re off our rhythms and we’re made stronger when we nail them.

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